Robert Rombout

During this Masterclass Robert Rombout will talk about the role of the director in a documentary. On the one hand he’s a technician, a professional; on the other hand, the author, storyteller, the one who signs the work. An artist, so also a filmmaker “has something to tell”, so we start from his perception of reality. Method, intentions, aesthetics but also ethics and will be elements of this Masterclass.

He will show excerpts of his films in which he will compare intentions and results.

Above all, Robert wants you all to participate in this Masterclass, with questions at any time (even at the beginning) as it is supposed to be an interactive event.

Master class will include:

  • Interactive live stream

  • Free e-books

  • Excerpts from Robert Rombout's films

Livestream will begin on 11 May 16:00

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