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Ingrid Kraiser, born in Sweden in 1972, has an extensive international carrier behind her in the field of human rights, development, security and gender equality. Over the recent years, her commitment to social issues and development has further continued to influence her professional path as a photographer and artist. Ingrid makes a point of transforming her photos with advanced image processing techniques to make the most out of an image. She finds that in this way the forming of art pieces can be seen as forming tools to speak and to be heard.


The art pieces included here were exhibited in Baku in 2018, under the theme of Storytelling Through Visual Art, upon the invitation of the Swedish Embassy in Baku and in collaboration with local actors and artists. This exhibition seeks to surface ideas and thoughts of entry points for critical viewing and understanding. In different ways, the art pieces here respectively reflect the notion of with what ’filters’ we choose to view and understand the world around us as we are today becoming more and more familiar with the term and subject of so called ’filter bubbles’. These are bubbles of information formed on the basis of our search histories, commonly seen to possibly compromise our chances of encountering contradicting viewpoints. As stereotypes based on gender can also be viewed as filter bubbles in themselves, the exhibition is also taking on aspects of diversity and tolerance.

Ingrid Kraiser
filter bubble

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