Language: Different languages, subtitles in English)
Production: Korvin Production

Full movie will be online on 15 May 19:00 Baku time

Timecode: 0:07 - 2:03:01

Each of us and humanity as a whole are facing a novelty threat. We are unable to assess its size nor its consequences. We’re all going through the same emotions and navigating through basic stages of negative changes. To help us overcome these challenges and get rid of fears, we need one and other. And no just our family and friends, but also those miles away, who are going through the same emotions. This film is about unity, it’s about humanity; it’s about getting through these challenges with dignity and surviving.

The miniseries HomeArrest show a story of six individuals telling their side, sharing their thoughts and views on the pandemic COVID-19. Why these people? What unites them? What is their mission?

The plot is built around a character of a British journalist, who’s arrived in Moscow during an explosion of the pandemic.

In lieu of Russian government newly imposed travel ban, the protagonist gets trapped in Moscow, while at home

in Britain she left her son and her mother. The protagonist films people stories, which resonates with her own personal fears and correspond with the basic stages of acceptance. Home Arrest consists of 4 parts: Denial, Anger, Depression, Acceptance

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