Géza M. Tóth (born 16 June 1970) is a Hungarian filmmaker. President of University of

Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest. Awarded film director, founder of KEDD Animation

Studio. Worked as a tutor at several institutes and universities: MOME, Budapest, Royal College of Art, London, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. As a filmmaker he created short films (ex: Icar, Maestro, Ergo, Mama) experimental art projects (ex: St Matthew Passion, XYZ, The Miraculous Mandarin, The Duke's Blubeard's Castle) and animation TV series (ex: Berry and Dolly, VIVA Channel IDs, Modern Folk-tales). His short films successfully participated more than 200 film festivals worldwide and were awarded with more than 70 prizes. His animation film, Maestro was nominated to Oscar in the Best Animation Short Film category.

Maestro is a computer-animated short film. It won the Amaryllis Tamás Award at the 7th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival and was nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 79th Academy Awards in 2007.  Five minutes before his big performance, the Maestro and his persistent mechanical assistant are getting ready. As the clock ticks, life at the top is not all it seems.


Anete Melece was born in Latvia in 1983. Studied visual communication at the Art Academy of Latvia (BA) and animation at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art (MA). She is an illustrator and animation filmmaker currently based in Zürich, Switzerland.

Imagine Euro Tolerance Festival will include three of her animations in 2020 edition: Kiosk (Kiosks), Analysis Paralysis (Analīze Paralīze) and Vilma doesn’t work today (Šodien Vilma nestrādā)


A film about naughty Tomato, which didn’t want to stay in the refrigerator.

Film by: Nazrin Aghamaliyeva & Rashid Aghamaliyev

Design: Nazrin Aghamaliyeva

Sound: Rashad Alizada

Music: Makai Symphony / The Army of Minoatur

Produced by: Animafilm Studio (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Year: 2020

Runtime: 1:20


Confinement does not mean the end of creativity. A small cycle of experimental films produced in the period of self-isolation and confinement is included in the Festival. We will travel with the wings of Robert Rombout to a number of cities called ‘Amsterdam’, not in the Netherlands but rather in the US.


Each of us and humanity as a whole are facing a novelty threat. We are unable to assess its size nor its consequences. We’re all going through the same emotions and navigating through basic stages of negative changes. To help us overcome these challenges and get rid of fears, we need one and other. And no just our family and friends, but also those miles away, who are going through the same emotions. This film is about unity, it’s about humanity; it’s about getting through these challenges with dignity and surviving.

The miniseries HomeArrest show a story of six individuals telling their side, sharing their thoughts and views on the pandemic COVID-19. Why these people? What unites them? What is their mission?


Synopsis: Karine de Villers and Thomas de Thier live in a small street in the heart of Brussels. They filmed their neighbors on the threshold of their house by asking them about the street and life. This gallery of portraits, carried out as rigorously as it is touching, takes us into the small and big secrets of so many existences.

Bio: Karine de Villers was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1965. She obtained a degree in art history and archaeology from the Universite Libre in Brussels. Since 1990, she has worked in various capacities on short and medium-length documentaries. She participated at the 2019 Fantazia Festival of the EU Delegation in Baku.  


A lockdown film by Mathieu Haag.

Date: April 2020

Runtime: 2:26


Amsterdam Stories USA is a road-movie tracing 15 small places in the United States, all of them named Amsterdam. 

Two Dutch filmmakers, Rogier van Eck & Robert Rombout, cross the country from East to West Coast.

Through landscapes, encounters and stories of the Amsterdams and of the road in between, the 6-hour film progressively weaves a singular image of the provincial and unknown “small town” America. 

The result is an intimate portrait and radiography of a protean country

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