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A group of Austrian academics founded a project called “Europe goes Silk Road”. Through a long journey from Austria to China via Azerbaijan, completed some days before China’s full lockdown, the organizers will share some incredible experiences they faced. “Europe goes Silk Road” is the story of four Europeans who set out on a quest to find answers about the future of Europe and Asia. After 68.000 kilometers, 24 countries and 8 months on the road from Austria to China they had not only discovered what it needs to create a sustainable future, but also what is connecting all humans across the globe and how to exchange beyond borders on the ground and in the minds.

SEBASTIAN HOLLER - Co-Founder | Idea & Planning

Peace & Conflict Researcher, Global Historian, University of Vienna

He got his first atlas at the tender age of 4 and since then, obsessed by maps, his dimensions of interest have extended towards the humans inhabiting the globe.


Therefore, crossing frontiers in all respects and connecting people got compulsory: whether by walking through kindergartens in Chernobyl or countries not existing. Whether by experiencing “Fortress Europe” in Africa or eating dog soup in North Korea.


After travelling through more than 40 countries one understands: explore the unknown and you will conclude that people in the entire world share the same uniqueness of craziness.

FLORIAN KRENDL - Co-Founder | Pr & Marketing

Product Manager, Vienna University of Economics & Business

Florian has always been driven by a burning passion for storytelling. Inspired by his father’s legendary stories during their weekly wanderings in childhood days, his desire for becoming an adventurer himself soon awoke.


Thus, traveling and exploration became the focuses of his youthful interest and in connection with constant cultural exchange, the curiosity of communication with the supposed strange was added, the fascination “human” had seized him.


A backpack full of experiences makes him realize that commonalities always stand above differences. He wants to share his conviction by establishing it deeper into society in order to build bridges.

SEBASTIAN MAIER - Co-Founder | Operation & Analysis

Civil Engineer, PhD candidate TU Wien

The construction of a “secret hiding place” as a child inflamed a passion for buildings and their construction in Sebastian. To be off the beaten tourist paths in foreign regions means for a civil engineer to discover the most daring structures – from the simplest bridges crossing border rivers in Moldova to highly complex long-span steel and concrete bridges in China.

EUROPE GOES SILK ROAD will gain countless experiences regarding to all kinds of infrastructure.

MAXIMILIAN AUER - Co-Founder | Visuals & IT

Business Informatics, University of Applied Sciences Vienna

Max already discovered his technical affinities in his youth; in elementary school he built his first radio. Later on he found his enthusiasm for design as well.

As the world has many dimensions and can be seen from different perspectives, the challenges that may arise are unique. His goal is to inspire people with graphics, pictures and videos, to take them on a journey which may shed light on a lot of unknown and may open an unique chance to discover something new.

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