7 MAY & 9 MAY / 19:00


One song for Baku

During the confinement period, home concerts, or performances from balconies created strong links of solidarity between isolated people. Music was the glue between the souls of confined people. In this edition of IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival 2020, several musical groups, musicians and singers dedicate a song for Baku and Azerbaijan as a way of showing solidarity with Azerbaijani people.

The participants have either been in Baku or were expected to perform in Baku this year. If conditions allow, they will be able to come and play live later this year.

12 MAY / 19:00


Live from Belgium

Tenor and soprano saxophonist and composer Marcelo Moncada was born in 1978 in Pitrufquen, Chile. He started his musical career at a young age by joining the brass band ‘Banda Municipal’. He took lessons with the Chilean musicians Marco Aldana, Christian Crisosto and Roberto Lecaros.


In Chile, he played in different formations such as ‘Cuarteto Baguibasax’ and ‘Ballet Folclorico Bafca’. In 2002, he immigrated to Belgium to continue his musical career. He studied ‘Jazz and Popular Music’ at the Royal Conservatories of Antwerp and Gent. He studied with Bart Defoort, Ben Sluijs and Dieter Limbourg. He participated in workshops of David Liedman, Gerry Peacock, Mark Turner, Francois Louis, Michael Brecker, Jerry Bergonzi… For several years he has worked in different groups: Marcelo y los gringos, Proyeccion Latina, Latin Jazz Quintet Cascada, el Sindicato Sonico and many others. He has played on well-known festivals such as Jazz Montreux (Switerland), 0110 concerts, Mano Mundo, Polé Polé, Sfinks festival…

15 MAY / 16:00



The unusual story of Brasilidade was born at a meeting of 3 artistic souls, distinctive and unique musicians. Drummer Ali Nasib, Singer and Producer Diana Hajiyeva and Claudio Franco - first Brazilian musician to leave in Azerbaijan in a post graduate project. The three musicians shared the passion of Bossa nova and in particular of its greatest masters like Tom Jobim, Vinícius de Moraes, Caetano Veloso, Toquinho.

A great friendship was born and also a feeling of sharing this knowledge and musical experiences between each other. Diana accepted the challenge to sing a large part of the repertoire in Portuguese and some others versions in Azerbaijani, Russian

and English. After that, other splendid musicians joined this beautiful project, such as Rashid Aliyev with his Violin, back vocals and translations, the precision bass lines of our band maestro Ruslan Huseynov, the splendid sonority of the traverse flutist Nijat Mamedow, and many other musicians from Baku and many regions of Brazil who helped us during those 2 years of adventure.


In this online project we will have the participation of some friends: Piano recordings, Mixing and Mastering work of the great producer Theo Cancello, Sax of Daniel Cancello, Acoustic Guitar of Damian Andres, Clarinet of Edgar Duvivier, Sax of Mike Tucker are some of the biggest names in instrumental music of South America and USA.

We invite you to get to know this unique piece of sonority and enjoy the most Brazilian flavor you can find inside Baku.

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